Workin’ For the Weekend

I intimated in my last blog post that I needed to write something about Dr. No.

I love my son.  I really do.  I know…. I am a MOM; however, he really is growing into a responsible, and motivated young man.

While we were languishing in Key West waiting for my VA appointments (I know, rough life), Dr. No decided that he wanted to fly back to Annapolis to visit with friends.  I told him that my VA appointments took priority over everything, and that we could not commit to ANYTHING until we knew when I would have my VA appointments.

SO… over three weeks, he was almost unbearable!!!! He was concocting a plan for every eventuality and port we *might* be in at the time of the February long weekend.  He also did the research to figure out which airlines he could fly on and not be considered an “unaccompanied minor.”  I was actually very impressed; he thought of EVERYTHING!!!

However, we also told him that we are now on a fixed income.  A year ago, we would barely blink an eye at paying for a $300 airline ticket; NOW it represents a significant portion of our monthly budget.

So, he said that HE would pay for the ticket.


OK. So we paid Dr, No to pump out our boat as well. However, we only paid him $20… out of the $300 he earned for his plane ticket.

He went to work.  When we were anchored out in Marathon, FL, he made a meat lasagna for a cruiser friend (who is a vegetarian) to bring to a marina potluck.

Then we returned to Boca Chica Marina.  He started doing pump-outs for folks at the dock.  This Navy base marina has self-serve pump-out carts.  Dr. No would wheel them down the docks and manually pump-out the boats as needed.

Once word got out at the marina that he was looking for odd jobs, he became very popular.

His favorite was working on a Marlow 70.  The owners (a USNA grad and his AWESOME lawyer wife!) hired him for several days.  He would come back, every afternoon, wiped out but EXHILARATED! He was so happy to be earning his own way to Annapolis.

He had originally budgeted to fly from Ft. Lauderdale.  But when it was apparent we would not be in FLL for him to fly out of there, I told him, “You’ve done so well.  We’ll pay the difference for you to fly from Key West.”

Dr. No would have NONE OF IT!  He said, “If I have to fly from Key West, I will earn my ticket from Key West.”


Did I mention that I LOVE this young man?

He earned his roundtrip ticket to Annapolis.  All $300.

SO… we dropped him off at the Key West Airport to fly to Baltimore on Silver Air and Jet Blue.  He had a connection through Ft. Lauderdale.

This was the 16th of February, and we *just* had my VA appointments on the 13th.  SO… with the VA appointments done, we realized there was NOTHING keeping us in Key West.

Originally, we were going to go live on the hook, and wait 5 days for Dr. No to fly back.  The we realized that we could easily get to Ft. Lauderdale in 5 days.  The ONLY thing keeping us in Key West was waiting for Dr. No to return.  SO, after dropping Dr. No off at the airport, we high-tailed it back to the marina, and got underway.

That’s where the pizza night, and Chinese take-away night with our friends Phil and Kaye occurred, and Phil drove James to the airport to pick up Dr. No after our weekend at the Miami Boat Show.

Dr. No had a terrific time, and we are SO thankful to the family that he stayed with; they went above and beyond to make his time in Annapolis a special one.  The cutest thing is that the friend he was staying with is a trumpet player; she earned a music scholarship to a private school in Maryland to play the trumpet.  Dr. No just HAD to bring her a conch shell horn.  SO… we drove to downtown Key West before going to the airport, so he could visit the Shell Warehouse in Mallory Sq.  It’s the ONLY PLACE to buy a conch horn in the lower Keys.  Really Really.

Dr. No’s flight didn’t arrive to BWI airport until after 9 PM.  His friend LOVED the conch horn and was blowing it as they drove through her Annapolis neighborhood at 10 O’Clock at night!

And… to end on a musical note… the title of this post is a throwback to that GREAT 80′s band, Loverboy.


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