Plans never survive first contact

Happy Feet

In the military we always say, “A plan never survives first contact;” meaning, that no matter how many different possible outcomes you try to plan for in advance, something unexpected will happen, and you’ll always have to alter your original plan once you start to execute it. That’s where we find ourselves now, at the beginning of July.  Originally, we were setting off by the end of June once Dr. No finished school. But then I needed surgery on my dominant hand/ wrist one week before retiring from the Navy for something called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. It’s a condition that had progressively gotten worse over the last 18 months to … Continue reading

The Sailor’s Confessional: Purchasing Problems

Big Box Store Shopping!

Ok.  I have a problem.  It’s not a 12-step problem  (not that I admit!), and it’s actually quite funny. We have committed to moving aboard the boat in less than a year.  Very exciting, however, I find myself going through the following mental gymnastics/ decision tree almost every time I am at a store purchasing something, or lamenting over purchasing something online: 1.  Do I really need this? 2. Can I use all of this over the next year? 3.  I can get by with the one I already have, can’t I? 4. Can I take this/ use this on the boat? However, I admit, I am getting *weird* about … Continue reading

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Over the past two years, I feel as though I have not had the time, nor emotional or mental “space” to post on this blog.   However, every time I return hoping to post, I always feel like the title of the post should be : “Life always gets in the way.” Except, I’ve already used that title. Wow… I have realized why so many people never actually achieve their sailing dreams.  We bought a boat in December of 2012.  It was not our dream boat, but it was our dream price.  However, it was a great boat and very similar to our dream boat… so it was not a … Continue reading