Janus: the god of endings and beginnings


  Janus is the Greek god of beginnings and endings (He’s also a character in the James Bond movie Goldeneye!!).  As such, the month of January is named after him.  I, too, am at point where I am looking both forward and backward.  I am looking back on a nearly 20 year naval career, and looking forward to an entirely new lifestyle.  While I am excited, exhilarated, and totally onboard (pardon the pun) with my upcoming change of pace, I still get these moments where I suddenly feel, “Oh my God, this is going to be a HUGE adjustment!” We are making plans for the spring… in the water and … Continue reading

Carpe Diem

Our first “proper” sailboat was named Carpe Diem.  I loved it.  Seize the Day. I was doing just that when I convinced 007 to buy a sailboat, because I wanted to practice for the day when we would finally GO.  We had just moved to Virginia Beach, and had access to cheap docking on the Little Creek Naval Base.  We could sail to our heart’s delight inside the Chesapeake, and learn. We bought a Tanzer 8.5.  That was an awesome boat.  Great cockpit, nice cabin.  We spent so much time on that boat– that is, when I wasn’t deployed (remember that Navy thing I mentioned on our Cast and Crew page?).  And, we have great … Continue reading

Superstitions: Never Set Sail On Friday

I just found out that it is bad luck to start a voyage on Friday.  Apparently, that was the day that Christ was crucified. What are we going to do then?  We want to take the boat out on the weekends, but if we can’t get going on Friday afternoon, then we lose a lot of quality sailing time. I have built a survey, to collect important data on what the Cast and Crew should do. Take five seconds and vote on what we should do! And, if you can think of another more suitable answer than the ones provided, please post a quick comment. I will compile the results, … Continue reading