First-World Problems

I know… that is one of the cardinal sins of being a blogger:  don’t stop blogging. Sorry. I do apologize. But,  Life has been hectic. I think the events over the past 10 months have only reiterated the fact that we need to go cruising… I thought in September things were settling down… but they just got worse… or at least, more hectic! I started a new job at the end of last summer… which has put me eternally behind the 8-ball. I thought I’d reach a steady-state after a couple of weeks… however, I am now just reaching a state of *relative* entropy. We were in a HUGE dispute … Continue reading

Our First Bittersweet Taste of the Cruising Lifestyle

We’ve settled into our marina nicely.  We have nice neighbors, and have become friends with several people. While we have yet to venture off to far-flung locales, our friends are. The other weekend we had a great Saturday… two BBQs to attend: one at the pavilion area of our marina; and the second, a more intimate soiree with a few couples at a BBQ pit and picnic table tucked away in the trees on the other side of the marina. Both of these occasions happened to be “going away” parties. The first was for a family of four who are setting off at the end of the month to go … Continue reading


I should probably write a post about trepanation… because I think that we—at least 007 and I—may need trepanation to get through the anxiety we’re having right now.   So, as things had been slowing down with the cold weather we’ve had over the last several weeks, we’ve had many conversations regarding moving aboard. “We’re not ready.” “The boat’s not ready.” “Our landlord is an asshole and will never let us out of our lease.” “Dr. No wants to start playing piano… where are we going to put a piano onboard?”   We thought we’d have gotten farther with the interior work by now.  But, for a variety of reasons, … Continue reading