I am Always Humbled…


So I have been writing, on and off, on this blog for over four years.  I don’t have a lot of followers like some other sailing blogs…. but most of my blog has been about refitting and getting ready to GO sailing, as opposed to showing pictures of beautiful, exotic places. However, I am always humbled by the people who take the time to comment on my blog, and as of recently, have found ways to reach out to me because of their concerns. So… we’ve been traveling north to Annapolis since the 16th of February, when we departed Key West.  OK… no worries… I’ve posted irregular comments on Facebook… … Continue reading

Finding that Magical Place Called Cruising

Holy Mackerel!

We made it to the Keys, and were able to make it to John Pennekamp State Park from Miami in about a half a day.  There was no wind, so it was another day of motoring, but it was a fairly nice day of cruising.  We love the hues of the ocean from the light to cerulean blues. The approach to the park by water is interesting; as one friend described it, “You hear the banjos playing.” [And you had to be born in the 60s or 70s to even get that reference, and we're all still scarred by it.].   You have to drive through fairly narrow channels in … Continue reading

Buying a Bag of Memories

A bag full of memories.... a bag full or dreams.

After Beaufort, we had planned on winding our way down the east coast and eventually stopping in Daytona Beach to visit James’ parents.  We called them while we were in Beaufort and found out that James’ brother, whom we hadn’t seen in five years, would be visiting in a few days.  We looked at our charts and realized we could make it in a two-day sail offshore, so we planned for that.  Unfortunately, that meant skipping Jacksonville and St. Augustine (and visiting some friends), and the weather reports were iffy.  The morning we left, the report said 3-5 ft seas, with winds 20-25 kts.  We thought, “OK, 3-5 we can … Continue reading