Christmas in October: Recap of the $ailboat $how

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So, I recently wrote about some of the bits and bobs that Santa left us under our tree, which in retrospect seem a bit trivial.  What I haven’t posted about is the “Christmas in October” that the boat received when the annual $ailboat $how was in town. We typically attend the Annapolis boat show, but we’ve always been “tire kickers” of sorts: not *quite* ready to commit to anything.  I’ll caveat that by saying that we usually attend the boat show to talk with the industry professionals, and to gain knowledge in order to help us make informed decisions about what we *eventually* want to purchase for the boat, whether … Continue reading

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Over the past two years, I feel as though I have not had the time, nor emotional or mental “space” to post on this blog.   However, every time I return hoping to post, I always feel like the title of the post should be : “Life always gets in the way.” Except, I’ve already used that title. Wow… I have realized why so many people never actually achieve their sailing dreams.  We bought a boat in December of 2012.  It was not our dream boat, but it was our dream price.  However, it was a great boat and very similar to our dream boat… so it was not a … Continue reading

Apparently my boat was on Dock “9 and 3/4″

Do you remember the train platform at King’s Cross that Harry and the gang always have to access to catch the Hogwart’s train back to school?  It magically expands out of thin air… (well, through the brick wall.) I had no idea until last fall, that my marina dock did the same thing. We received our notice for the slip renewal around the time of the annual Annapolis Sailboat Show.  And… the rates increased dramatically (understatement).  We received a very nice letter informing us of the reason for such an increase… which started with something about they had been the cheapest game in town for the last decade. However, I … Continue reading