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Don't Give Up the Ship

So, last week, James played in his last ice hockey game for a long while, and was saying his “goodbyes” to his teammates.  Many were telling him they are going to follow us on our blog or Facebook, and were excited to live vicariously through us. Then one of his teammates said, “Wait, you mean you actually have a boat?” James: “Yes, we’re moving out of our house in a couple of weeks, we’ve sold all of our stuff, and we set sail after our son finishes 8th grade in the middle of June. Have you not been paying attention to anything I’ve been saying?” Teammate: “OMG!  I didn’t think … Continue reading

How Many Clues Does a Family Need?

Well, I was a bit remiss last week in my blog posts because I was frantically trying to find our house, which happened to be under three months of dog hair on the floor, dirty sheets, and dirty dishes. Since purchasing the boat, we have been spending every spare waking moment either on the boat, or researching stuff for the boat. So, domestic duties “ashore” were the first things to fall to the wayside. This frantic scramble to clean and tidy up came up as a result of the fact that we have become the sponsor for a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman. She had other sponsors at the outset of … Continue reading

Carpe Diem

Our first “proper” sailboat was named Carpe Diem.  I loved it.  Seize the Day. I was doing just that when I convinced 007 to buy a sailboat, because I wanted to practice for the day when we would finally GO.  We had just moved to Virginia Beach, and had access to cheap docking on the Little Creek Naval Base.  We could sail to our heart’s delight inside the Chesapeake, and learn. We bought a Tanzer 8.5.  That was an awesome boat.  Great cockpit, nice cabin.  We spent so much time on that boat– that is, when I wasn’t deployed (remember that Navy thing I mentioned on our Cast and Crew page?).  And, we have great … Continue reading