Buying a Bag of Memories

A bag full of memories.... a bag full or dreams.

After Beaufort, we had planned on winding our way down the east coast and eventually stopping in Daytona Beach to visit James’ parents.  We called them while we were in Beaufort and found out that James’ brother, whom we hadn’t seen in five years, would be visiting in a few days.  We looked at our charts and realized we could make it in a two-day sail offshore, so we planned for that.  Unfortunately, that meant skipping Jacksonville and St. Augustine (and visiting some friends), and the weather reports were iffy.  The morning we left, the report said 3-5 ft seas, with winds 20-25 kts.  We thought, “OK, 3-5 we can … Continue reading

We Didn’t Have YouTube When I Was a Midshipman

Harlem Shake USNA

  Wow.  I just read this article yesterday: Naval Academy Mids Show Spirit in “Harlem Shake”   You have got to watch the short YouTube video.   We totally could not have posted anything like this when we were midshipmen. Benign as it is, and mildly funny. We would have been totally fried.*  Hell, Yahoo was a text-based bulletin board when I first visited the site in the early 90′s. How times have changed.   *Fried is a highly technical term used by Naval Academy midshipmen meaning: totally busted! Being fried usually results in losing what little privileges you have while a midshipman– all things being relative.

The Man With the Golden Gun

We love James Bond movies… couldn’t you tell? Well, I was reading the BEEB today online and came across this article: Honduras Police Seize $50,000 gold-plated AK-47 Rifle Unfortunately Sacaramanga wasn’t found anywhere near this rifle.  And, I am conferring with my intelligence sources to see if anyone in the Zeta Cartel has a third nipple.  It might lead us to the gun’s owner. Just had to share.