Port Royal, SC: Friends, Sailors, and Lots of Marines!

The Parris Island USMC Band.

After two days underway from Morehead City, we conducted a peaceful sea and anchor detail at midnight into Port Royal Sound with the tide.  James and I anchored at about 3AM just off of the Port Royal Landing Marina where we were due to arrive later that morning. Our friends from Maine on Chloe III had arrived the day before, and our good friends that retired to Port Royal from Annapolis lived in the small community adjacent to the marina.  We were excited that we had caught up with Chloe III, and we were so happy that we were able to stop to see our Annapolis friends. We were lucky … Continue reading

What was I saying about plans? I think I need a Painkiller

carrier (1)

  Plans never survive first contact.  That’s what I said at the beginning of the summer when our plans to sail in New England fell to the wayside, and we stayed in Annapolis all summer tied to the dock (and my doctor’s office). Well, I feel like I should change the tagline of this blog to this saying, because I am saying it again. I know we really don’t have “A Plan.”  We have nowhere we NEED to be.  We had places we’d LIKE to have been by now. And, well things change.  Hurricanes happen. We’re now sitting in Norfolk, VA. We’re at the marina on the naval base, where … Continue reading