Buying a Bag of Memories

A bag full of memories.... a bag full or dreams.

After Beaufort, we had planned on winding our way down the east coast and eventually stopping in Daytona Beach to visit James’ parents.  We called them while we were in Beaufort and found out that James’ brother, whom we hadn’t seen in five years, would be visiting in a few days.  We looked at our charts and realized we could make it in a two-day sail offshore, so we planned for that.  Unfortunately, that meant skipping Jacksonville and St. Augustine (and visiting some friends), and the weather reports were iffy.  The morning we left, the report said 3-5 ft seas, with winds 20-25 kts.  We thought, “OK, 3-5 we can … Continue reading

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Over the past two years, I feel as though I have not had the time, nor emotional or mental “space” to post on this blog.   However, every time I return hoping to post, I always feel like the title of the post should be : “Life always gets in the way.” Except, I’ve already used that title. Wow… I have realized why so many people never actually achieve their sailing dreams.  We bought a boat in December of 2012.  It was not our dream boat, but it was our dream price.  However, it was a great boat and very similar to our dream boat… so it was not a … Continue reading

Carpe Diem

Our first “proper” sailboat was named Carpe Diem.  I loved it.  Seize the Day. I was doing just that when I convinced 007 to buy a sailboat, because I wanted to practice for the day when we would finally GO.  We had just moved to Virginia Beach, and had access to cheap docking on the Little Creek Naval Base.  We could sail to our heart’s delight inside the Chesapeake, and learn. We bought a Tanzer 8.5.  That was an awesome boat.  Great cockpit, nice cabin.  We spent so much time on that boat– that is, when I wasn’t deployed (remember that Navy thing I mentioned on our Cast and Crew page?).  And, we have great … Continue reading