Fresh Fish

Spanish Mackerel

We eat so well after passages, it’s crazy!  We caught one almaco jack on the transit from Daytona Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, and some little mangrove snapper when we fished in the mangroves in John Pennekamp State Park, but almost every big fish we’ve caught since we got to the Keys has been a mackerel, with the exception of one little tunny (in the Tuna family) last week on our way to Indian Key. We are SO happy to eat fresh-caught wild fish.  I stopped eating fish from super markets in the U.S. unless I knew it was fresh-caught and not farmed– which is surprisingly hard to find when you … Continue reading

Doggie Anxiety

Tasmanian Devil

So we’ve been itinerant for 20 years.  007 and I are used to it.  Dr. No has moved several times, and actually this year finally marks the time he has lived inside of the U.S. equal to the time he has live outside of the U.S. So, all of the humans in our household have been doing fairly well with this move and transition time.  I’ll admit, we still have not had time to fully internalize it, and we will have more than our fair share of growing pains once we move board over the next couple of weeks (and from then on…). However, the canine cast and crew of … Continue reading

Best Boat-dog Toys. Ever.

Watermark Cruises runs out of our marina, and their pier is directly behind Octopussy.  The men and women are always really nice, and they absolutely L-O-V-E  M and Q.  And our dynamic duo are always happy to love them all right back. So we were talking with friends yesterday on the lawn next to the Watermark boats, playing with the dogs, and getting Dr. No’s paddle board set up when the Watermark office door flung open, and a H-U-G-E monkey’s fist rolled out.  It was almost the size of a basketball. Well of course, when a ball is rolled out in front of two retrievers, they are going to retrieve! … Continue reading