Plans never survive first contact

Happy Feet

In the military we always say, “A plan never survives first contact;” meaning, that no matter how many different possible outcomes you try to plan for in advance, something unexpected will happen, and you’ll always have to alter your original plan once you start to execute it. That’s where we find ourselves now, at the beginning of July.  Originally, we were setting off by the end of June once Dr. No finished school. But then I needed surgery on my dominant hand/ wrist one week before retiring from the Navy for something called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. It’s a condition that had progressively gotten worse over the last 18 months to … Continue reading

Ship, shipmate, self

Don't Give Up the Ship

So, last week, James played in his last ice hockey game for a long while, and was saying his “goodbyes” to his teammates.  Many were telling him they are going to follow us on our blog or Facebook, and were excited to live vicariously through us. Then one of his teammates said, “Wait, you mean you actually have a boat?” James: “Yes, we’re moving out of our house in a couple of weeks, we’ve sold all of our stuff, and we set sail after our son finishes 8th grade in the middle of June. Have you not been paying attention to anything I’ve been saying?” Teammate: “OMG!  I didn’t think … Continue reading

Christmas in October: Recap of the $ailboat $how

GPS Store Boat Show (1)

So, I recently wrote about some of the bits and bobs that Santa left us under our tree, which in retrospect seem a bit trivial.  What I haven’t posted about is the “Christmas in October” that the boat received when the annual $ailboat $how was in town. We typically attend the Annapolis boat show, but we’ve always been “tire kickers” of sorts: not *quite* ready to commit to anything.  I’ll caveat that by saying that we usually attend the boat show to talk with the industry professionals, and to gain knowledge in order to help us make informed decisions about what we *eventually* want to purchase for the boat, whether … Continue reading