Sixteen Knots in a 26 ft. Sailboat is Not Fun!

007 SailingSo, we went sailing again on Tuesday on our new quest to get our Navy B-qualifications.


16 + knots of wind.  We hove-to and reefed the main… however, I believe the reef should be deeper on the sail in that boat.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a racer,  nor a cruiser (yet!), but personally, I would have liked a deeper reef in the main today. Unfortunately, the boat we were sailing had only one reef point.  And today, it felt as if that reef was WAY to high (and ineffective!).  I was hoping that our (reefed) main would have been at least an additional four feet down the mast.

Yeah. So much for that.

007 , however, L-O-V-E-D burying the rail.  He was totally in his element  [007 raced 420s at nationals as a kid... so this is "fun" for him]. Our instructor let out the boom a couple of times, because he was “concerned” that we might be going too fast.


And, oh, by the way, he was almost 20 yrs. younger than us.  Not that age equates to knowledge… especially in sailing; but, he wasn’t a sailor.

He was a “stashed Ensign.” Having been one before, we know his predicament exactly. He is not a sailor, but because he had to wait to go to Submarine Officer School, he was randomly assigned to work at the sailing center.

i.e.: we have more sailing experience than this young man. 

Our biggest hurdle right now is learning the “lingo” and learning the EXACT knots that the Naval Academy want us to tie in certain situations.

It doesn’t matter that we can handle situations…and that we can handle a sailboat…

BUT: can you tie a perfect Bowline?

Did we tie a perfect figure-8 knot at the end of our jib sheets… because no other knot will do. [really?!?!]

Pass or Fail.

Regardless of if you can ACTUALLY SAIL.

This is why I (hate) love the Navy.

Stay tuned… will we drink enough Kool-aid to learn ten knots and pass the test?!?

We probably will… but only in the express desire to eventually  to corrupt Midshipmen….

And we mean that in the most politically correct, awesomest way possible.

Go Navy, Beat Army!





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  1. Diane says:

    Loved following your blog, hope all is okay, Merry Christmas