Resolutions: Just Keep Sailing

90 Mi to Cuba

We were supposed to be in Cuba for Christmas and New Year’s.  YES, I understand that Christmas in a Communist country is not full of decorations, blatant commercialism… or EVEN religion for that matter.  We just expected to be on our way two weeks ago, after returning from the Dry Tortugas: return to Boca Chica, reprovision, wait for a good weather window, and cross the Florida Strait to Havana!!! We did not expect to still be in the U.S. in the New Year.  There are worse places we could be stuck; I mean, we ARE in Key West.  We’ve been loving it here, and Boca Chica Marina on the Naval … Continue reading

Exploring Marquesas Key and the “Dry Foot” Policy


We broke up the transit back from the Dry Tortugas, by stopping at Marquesas Key.  I had read some websites and a blog that mentioned it was a great place to explore.  It was a good sail back, and we got there about midday, giving us plenty time to anchor, get the dinghy in the water, and go exploring. We approached on the southwestern side because sources I’d read had said it was a good place to anchor with the winds we had been experiencing.  Thanks, as always Active Captain, and everyone who contributes!  As we were approaching, I scanned the beach of Marquesa Key. Me: “Wow, I think there’s … Continue reading