Prepping for a New Headliner

Today, I have been trying to get headliner glue and etc. off of the hull. It has been tough work, and slow going. And, there is a healthy dose of mildew set into the entire mix which is totally unappealing.  My sinuses are cringing and stuffing up just from looking at it. It was a bit depressing actually, and I am now thinking it will take me six weeks to get it all finished. And, I am going to have biceps and traps that will be the envy of most Naval Academy Midshipmen (which is probably not a good– or attractive– thing). Regardless, I will remain motivated… at least I know … Continue reading

The Gods Call Us Crazy

Many of my beginning posts have been quite “sentimental.” But today I thought I’d share with you why we thought we’d do this. Everyone is different, and they come into sailing/cruising in different ways.  We’ve been reading the cruisers forum boards, and every other board on the internet for years.  And it’s funny, because most people say, “DO NOT buy a ‘project boat’ because you’ll spend more getting her ready than it would have cost you for a ‘ready-to-go boat.’” But, for what it’s worth, everyone’s situation is different.  And everybody is different. We got this boat because it worked for our situation. We have one huge disclaimer though:  We … Continue reading

We are the Music Makers, We are the Dreamers of Dreams…

Most people attribute this quote to Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version, not Johnny Depp).  Well, it is actually lines from a poem by 19th C. British Poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy.   Well, I was thinking of dreamers the other day, as many probably will look at us as dreamers.  We are dreaming of bringing this boat back to her glory, and sailing off on adventures– who knows where. Right. People really do that. Well, I know that they do.  And I have to believe that we will some day as well. We thought the name of the boat was pretty cool when we saw it on line.  I imagined the owner … Continue reading