I am Always Humbled…

SailingSunsetSo I have been writing, on and off, on this blog for over four years.  I don’t have a lot of followers like some other sailing blogs…. but most of my blog has been about refitting and getting ready to GO sailing, as opposed to showing pictures of beautiful, exotic places.

However, I am always humbled by the people who take the time to comment on my blog, and as of recently, have found ways to reach out to me because of their concerns.

So… we’ve been traveling north to Annapolis since the 16th of February, when we departed Key West.  OK… no worries… I’ve posted irregular comments on Facebook… because WE’RE EXHAUSTED! Day-In, day-out… we’re tired.  We’ve been beating north for a while, and been forced to stay “inside” on the ICW because of weather.

Don’t get me wrong; we’ve made stops in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona, and St. Augustine Florida to spend time with friends and family.  And then stopped on Beaufort, SC to see friends…. and ended up staying ten days because of the snow storm and extremely cold weather hitting the mid-Atlantic in March.

But, as the title of this post intimates… I am always humbled.  We’ve been *busy* to say the least.  We’ve been traveling north, and have really only posted at the extreme minimum, because well, when you’re busy doing, you don’t have time to be busy tellin’!!!

However, people have been worried about us. Complete strangers have found ways to reach out to us via the Internet because they are concerned.  A couple of them also found our boat listed on Yachtworld.  One was so concerned that it might be a scam, that he reached out to us via a Facebook PM to let us know.

SO… the cat is out of the bag:  We have decided that we need a bigger boat.  We LOVE Octopussy, but we need something larger.  It took us the last eight months of cruising to figure this out.

Dr. No is now 6′ 3″ [and he's only 14 years-old].  He needs more space… more HEADROOM!

That is the tough part of putting our life on the Internet; people want to know every detail…. and even though we try to maintain a certain degree of anonymity, people still know us, and read the details of our life.

However, I just want to say:  I am always humbled by the random comments I get on our blog and FB page. The entire cast and crew are humbled by the fact that we can provide inspiration, a diversion from your work day, and hopefully a bit of comic relief to you all!

You all keep dreaming, we’ll keep sailing,

The entire Cast and Crew of S/V Octopussy.

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5 Responses to I am Always Humbled…

  1. Smacker says:

    I had a feeling something was up. I find myself anxiously awaiting your next post to see what your next location/adventure is. I’m sure this is just a little blip on your radar that you will clear up soon. Hope to see you guys around town sometime soon.

    Brian S.

  2. alarcas says:

    Hi all of you from Octopussy…
    I am following you as you giving me ideas about your very well done refit and knowhow about start transit from land to sea living, many thanks for that!
    All because my Prout Snowgoose 37 is in Greece, it needs some works and we are thinking to go sailing also.
    You were very lucky guys as able to go from dreaming to sailing live; no all able and keep dreaming; hope we can also, but would like to know how others solve the hundreds of problems to solve before…(reading a lot as you did…).
    Glad to see you are thinking to move for a bigger boat. And that remember me about your initial post and your needs (http://svoctopussy.com/compromise-st/)…Compromise…
    In our case, compromise minds we have no money for more boat (cat) to buy, hold and maintain.

    Good luck in your future decisions…(may be a Prout 50! jeje).


    • Octopussy says:


      Thank you SO MUCH for writing! This right here is exactly what I mean! The Snowgoose is an awesome platform. We’re still torn. We’ve put so much time into every decision for this boat… we’ll see how it goes! And, we were looking for a Prout 50… but none on the market! I even reached out to a stranger on CruisersForum.com that mentioned he had Prout 50 that he was looking to sell in a random thread.

      Keep reading, and we’ll keep posting!


  3. Gabe & Joan says:

    It’s not about the quantity of followers but the quality of followers. :)

  4. Ed says:

    It only took us three catamarans to get it right!