If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say….

Our great friends on Chloe III, that we met in West Palm Beach.  We met up with them on our transit south in Beaufort, SC in November.  Great to catch up with them!

OK.  I admit.  I’ve been REALLY silent, and all-out-absent, on this blog for the past several weeks. But I couldn’t write…  Because, as the title of this post intimates, “If you don’t have anything nice to say… don’t say anything at all.” People close to us have been “in” on our complete situation.  And, I have not wanted to rant Online over things I cannot control. However, I want to sincerely THANK all of my friends that I have seen in-person over the past several months, because they have graciously allowed me to vent to them. We wrote back in the beginning of July last year about how “Plans Never … Continue reading

This is Why We Left in September!


If there is one thing we’ve learned so far from the little bit of sailing/ motoring we’ve done so far, it’s to pay attention to the weather windows.  Granted we stayed a few extra days at the outset of our journey in Solomons Island (Patuxent River Naval Station Marina) because of bad weather.  However, once we set out from Norfolk down the ICW, we didn’t really look at the weather reports… because we were “inside.” Because we did not transit the Dismal Swamp Canal  the first [or second time] we transited the VA-NC ICW, we had to transit the Albermarle and Currituck Sounds.  Honestly, we lucked out on our way … Continue reading