The Gods Call Us Crazy

Many of my beginning posts have been quite “sentimental.” But today I thought I’d share with you why we thought we’d do this. Everyone is different, and they come into sailing/cruising in different ways.  We’ve been reading the cruisers forum boards, and every other board on the internet for years.  And it’s funny, because most people say, “DO NOT buy a ‘project boat’ because you’ll spend more getting her ready than it would have cost you for a ‘ready-to-go boat.’” But, for what it’s worth, everyone’s situation is different.  And everybody is different. We got this boat because it worked for our situation. We have one huge disclaimer though:  We … Continue reading

The Call to Adventure

We have always dreamed of going sailing. When we were young, and just starting out in our naval careers after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, we read sailing magazines and considered buying a boat to put in charter. We almost bought a friend’s boat to liveaboard while stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. Then life got busy. We moved for work often. Too often. I attribute that now to my wanderlust (and the fact that I am a Sagittarius), and I admit that I jumped at any opportunity to move—especially if it was overseas. Through a twist—or rather a clove hitch—of fate, we found ourselves stuck in Annapolis, Maryland. For … Continue reading