Workin’ For the Weekend


I intimated in my last blog post that I needed to write something about Dr. No. I love my son.  I really do.  I know…. I am a MOM; however, he really is growing into a responsible, and motivated young man. While we were languishing in Key West waiting for my VA appointments (I know, rough life), Dr. No decided that he wanted to fly back to Annapolis to visit with friends.  I told him that my VA appointments took priority over everything, and that we could not commit to ANYTHING until we knew when I would have my VA appointments. SO… over three weeks, he was almost unbearable!!!! He … Continue reading

An Extra Set of Hands

Measuring the solar panels on the dodger.

Up until now, Dr. No has had it pretty easy when it’s come to boat projects… he’s pretty much been uninvolved.  Now that we’re living on the boat, he’s done with school, and I am minus one hand/arm for the next several months, he has really become a critical crew member as we finish projects so we can eventually get sailing. This was also part of the reason we wanted to take this time and do this with him; not *just* for family time, but for the practical skills that we knew we would naturally teach him along the way,and that I find kids are often lacking today. For example, … Continue reading

Things You Don’t Want to Find in Your Crab Trap

Yesterday morning we showed up at the boat, as we do most Saturday mornings  (now that the lacrosse season is over, yeah!) and Dr. No pulled up his little crab trap that he had tied next to our boat. He’s had little success with it so far, and we didn’t know if it’s the size or the location.  I mean, last weekend, he snagged two HUGE crabs off of a piling next to a neighbor’s boat with his fish net.  Yet, none have been interested– in the least bit– in the chicken necks in the trap. Well, the trap, sans bait, stayed in the water all week. We only went … Continue reading