Cast and Crew


James Intro

007, a.k.a. James

Is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, and all-around renaissance man. He has a photographic memory and always finds the errors on the cards when we play Trivial Pursuit. As Bond’s go, he is more of a Daniel Craig as opposed to a Sean Connery. He’s gritty and can kick ass, but cleans up really well and can be quite debonair when the occasion call for it. However, while he does drinks Heineken like Craig’s Bond, this 007 would still give Connery’s Bond a real run for his money with his knowledge of wines, champagnes, and scotches.

He served in the Navy, is fluent in Spanish, and has held an international open-wheel racing car license (yes, the one you need to drive in Formula 1). He also had a lion, named Leo, as a pet when he was five.

He can also build or fix anything. His family was in the junk yard and construction businesses when he was growing up, so he was immersed in the art of real-world “creative problem-solving.” As a result, he is a real-life MacGyver.


Octopussy Pic Octopussy

Is also a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.  She lost the “rock-paper-scissors” war with James; so she stayed in the Navy, and just recently retired after 20 years of naval service. Her first job as a naval officer was inspecting Russian nuclear missiles. They also happened to be on rail cars.  Needless to say, she’s had to work hard to find gigs that have lived up to that experience ever since then.

She has dragged her family  around the globe over the last two decades (in the name of “national security”) to live in England, Canada, and Belgium—besides the U.S. She could tell you what she does, but then “she’d have to kill you.” She doesn’t own a circus, but it is on her bucket list.

She is a Sagittarius, which explains why she wants a sailboat, and wants to sail around the world (or wherever they eventually end up—no matter).  Yes, this was actually her idea.

She is more of a “broad brush/big ideas” person, according to her Myers Briggs Type Indicator… so thank God she has an organized, detail-oriented husband to keep her grounded in reality. He’s the, “This is how we make it happen,” kind of guy.  He always delivers, but none of her dreams would ever become realities without him.


joshCloseupDr. No

Dr. No has lived outside of the U.S. more than he has lived in it. He is fluent in French, because we lived in southern (Walloon) Belgium for a couple of years.  He is also a musician and an artist: he plays the mandolin, saxophone, and piano; and you should see his drawings!  While the latter two didn’t make it onto the boat, he definitely brought the mandolin with him, and he plays it often!  He loves the ocean and marine life…. and that was one original motivation for going sailing.  He has just started the 9th grade, and is working on a digital media project as part of his homeschooling curriculum throughout the next year.  You can check it out at



M IntroM

Thinks of himself as the leader of this dynamic cast of characters, although he quietly acquiesces to James. A head-strong Chesapeake Bay Retriever, he loves swimming.  He also loves being “out in the field” with the rest of the crew when we’re on a mission, and could never sit back at headquarters waiting for a report.  He is fiercely loyal to the rest of the cast and crew (the canine version of “Queen and Country”), and can be a bit stand-off-ish at times, much like the actor Robert Brown.


Q IntroQ

Is smart, but in a quirky sort of way.  He is the comic relief of this cast; and much like Desmond Llewelyn’s character, he doesn’t realize it. He is also a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, like M, and loves being on (but mostly in) the water.

5 Responses to Cast and Crew

  1. Lisa Zahorian says:

    I love this! Awesome! So cool.

    • Octopussy says:

      Thanks Lisa!

      I know you have a special place in your heart for what we’re doing…. keep following, we’ll be leaving the U.S. soon! We’ve been having a blast!

  2. Morgan says:

    Found you is Shipmate, love the write ups & find inspiration in your travels (planning to sail the Med one day). Are you related to Alec ’91. I haven’t read it on your blog yet, but wondering about your type of boat & reasons on that choice? Cheers, “Cap’n” (Callsign not rank) Morgan ’91

    • Morgan says:

      I just read all about the boat & a few other posts. Very exciting, really like the different sections (books, homeschooling programs, etc.).

    • Octopussy says:

      Hi Morgan!

      Thanks so much! We’ve been waylaid for a few months, because the VA decided they needed to see me for some additional appointments related to my Compensation and Pension Exams…. but there were WORSE places to be stuck than Key West for the winter!

      Thanks so much for writing. Please continue to follow us– now that the VA is satisfied, we’re back on the ocean having adventures!!!!