Carpe Diem

Tanzer Carpe DiemOur first “proper” sailboat was named Carpe Diem.  I loved it.  Seize the Day. I was doing just that when I convinced 007 to buy a sailboat, because I wanted to practice for the day when we would finally GO.  We had just moved to Virginia Beach, and had access to cheap docking on the Little Creek Naval Base.  We could sail to our heart’s delight inside the Chesapeake, and learn.

We bought a Tanzer 8.5.  That was an awesome boat.  Great cockpit, nice cabin.  We spent so much time on that boat– that is, when I wasn’t deployed (remember that Navy thing I mentioned on our Cast and Crew page?).  And, we have great memories.

Dr. No still talks about the time that he caught three crabs and a small bluefish in a crab trap.  We steamed the crabs and made a killer crab and artichoke dip, and we made some tiny breaded fillets from the blue.

All of them tasted AMAZING. Fresh-fresh seafood always tastes better than the stuff you get in a market– even a fish market.

We learned so much with that first boat:

  • How to almost burn my eyebrows off with an alcohol stove.  That was fun.
  • That on Friday afternoons, Navy warships will ignore the maximum channel speeds.
  • That M takes “fetch” to a whole new level when we toss back a fish that is too small.


But we also learned:

  • That sea turtles swim at a similar speed to our Tanzer in light winds.
  • The grey-black skin of dolphins swimming out with the tide looks beautiful against the pink reflections of sunrise upon the water.
  • That family memories last a life time, while possessions come and go.


We still have much to learn.  But we have learned that we have to seize the day.

Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Those are the words we sail by.




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3 Responses to Carpe Diem

  1. I found your site through The Monkey’s Fist blog article title ‘Moving Aboard Transistions’. I’ve also got a blog about my boat and liveboad lifestyle at The only way I could figure out how to contact you was to leave a comment.

    I just started a new section on my blog called Reader’s Boats. I’d love it if you sent me a picture of your boat and a short bio (around 100 words) to post on that page. Feel free to include a link and anchor text if you’d like.


    Chris Troutner

  2. William Gannon says:

    I accidentally came by your post. Carpe Diem was my boat until I sold it back in 2006ish. Glad to see you liked her. I moved up to a 303 Pearson.

    Happy sailing!

    • Octopussy says:


      Thanks so much for touching base! We absolutely loved Carpe Diem…many great memories! And thank you for the well wishes! Fair winds to you!