Sitting in Norfolk but Taking Care of Business: CBP Small Vessel Reporting System

Since we’re sitting in Norfolk for a few weeks, we are getting a ton of administrative issues squared away with personal projects, catching up with some boatschooling, and helping out some old friends with their houses and property due to the extreme flooding Hampton Roads experienced in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.  It’s fortuitous:  we came back here to ride out the storm, and are stuck here for a little while as the ICW calms down.  As a result, we’ve been able to be of extreme service to old friends who really need us.  We’re happy to help, and happy that we have the time to help. Besides fixing sump … Continue reading

The Boat School: Florida Virtual School…Month One


So we’re new to homeschooling.  And as I mentioned in a post earlier this summer, because Dr. No was starting High School just as we started our sailing adventure, he was worried about us teaching him solely.  While we’re qualified  (overqualified, really) to teach him a High School curriculum, he was concerned about not having transcripts, and not being able to take Advanced Placement courses, and “Honors” courses, etc.  And because we don’t know if he will attend university in the U.S., we wanted to ensure that homeschooling doesn’t ruin his chances of attending a European university. Amongst other things we has been researching for the past few years in … Continue reading

What was I saying about plans? I think I need a Painkiller

carrier (1)

  Plans never survive first contact.  That’s what I said at the beginning of the summer when our plans to sail in New England fell to the wayside, and we stayed in Annapolis all summer tied to the dock (and my doctor’s office). Well, I feel like I should change the tagline of this blog to this saying, because I am saying it again. I know we really don’t have “A Plan.”  We have nowhere we NEED to be.  We had places we’d LIKE to have been by now. And, well things change.  Hurricanes happen. We’re now sitting in Norfolk, VA. We’re at the marina on the naval base, where … Continue reading

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