The Boat School: The Florida Virtual School

We’ve been researching options for years as to how we wanted to educate Dr. No during our sailing adventure.  James and I both have experience in education; he is actually K-12 certified, and I taught at the Naval Academy for the past three years.  We felt very qualified to oversee Dr. No’s high school education for as long as we needed to.  He is also a highly self-motivated learner, which helps. However, in the back of our minds, we were still slightly concerned about the fact that we would be boat-schooling during High School.  And Dr. No started to express concern as well regarding his college prospects.  While colleges and … Continue reading

An Extra Set of Hands

Measuring the solar panels on the dodger.

Up until now, Dr. No has had it pretty easy when it’s come to boat projects… he’s pretty much been uninvolved.  Now that we’re living on the boat, he’s done with school, and I am minus one hand/arm for the next several months, he has really become a critical crew member as we finish projects so we can eventually get sailing. This was also part of the reason we wanted to take this time and do this with him; not *just* for family time, but for the practical skills that we knew we would naturally teach him along the way,and that I find kids are often lacking today. For example, … Continue reading

Plans never survive first contact

Happy Feet

In the military we always say, “A plan never survives first contact;” meaning, that no matter how many different possible outcomes you try to plan for in advance, something unexpected will happen, and you’ll always have to alter your original plan once you start to execute it. That’s where we find ourselves now, at the beginning of July.  Originally, we were setting off by the end of June once Dr. No finished school. But then I needed surgery on my dominant hand/ wrist one week before retiring from the Navy for something called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. It’s a condition that had progressively gotten worse over the last 18 months to … Continue reading

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