Fresh Fish

Spanish Mackerel

We eat so well after passages, it’s crazy!  We caught one almaco jack on the transit from Daytona Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, and some little mangrove snapper when we fished in the mangroves in John Pennekamp State Park, but almost every big fish we’ve caught since we got to the Keys has been a mackerel, with the exception of one little tunny (in the Tuna family) last week on our way to Indian Key. We are SO happy to eat fresh-caught wild fish.  I stopped eating fish from super markets in the U.S. unless I knew it was fresh-caught and not farmed– which is surprisingly hard to find when you … Continue reading

Keeping Gasoline OFF of Your Boat: Propane Options for Cruisers


Gasoline storage can present a myriad of problems onboard a cruising boat.  Gas cans must be vented, but the vapors can ignite if they’re in enclosed spaces and near flame or even electrical sparks.  As a result, most gasoline is stored on deck, and it is always a volatile situation in the sun. According to story on, gasoline has a flashpoint of -45 degrees F.  Diesel, on the other hand, has a flashpoint of 125 degrees F. We do not carry any gasoline on Octopussy, yet we have a 15 HP outboard and a Honda 2000i generator. How do we fuel these? PROPANE. We have a 15 HP LEHR outboard … Continue reading

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